Caoimhe Creed is a Dublin-based writer and blogger involved in education and outreach.

How To Work Out What You Want To Do And What To Do While You’re Doing It was started in 2012 while Caoimhe was living in London. She posts a new piece of writing every Wednesday. For more information, see the About section.

Caoimhe is the writer in residence for Touch Network, a not-for-profit organisation based in the U.K. that publishes real-life stories with the aim of creating a network of people who are open to talking about their experiences with issues such as mental health and bereavement.

Caoimhe runs the Writing Group for Normal People – a group of teenage writers who meet fortnightly in Dublin Castle to share and critique each other’s work, play games and engage in literary discussion. This group has been running since 2015 and many of our members have had great success in competitions and in publishing their work.

Caoimhe has been volunteering with Fighting Words, a non-profit creative writing organisation, for several years. During her internship here, she led workshops as well as leading and coordinating outreach trips around Ireland. She was also involved with the Book Project and Write Club at this time. Caoimhe continues to volunteer with Fighting Words and recently ran the Puppetry and Playwriting Summer Camp 2016.

Caoimhe also founded the Castle Coterie, a group of adult writers who meet to share and discuss their work. After the success of the Writing Group for Normal People, Caoimhe decided to start a similar group she could participate in, for entirely selfish reasons.

Caoimhe has been interviewed on NearFM’s Writer’s Block, talking about her own writing and with the Writing Group for Normal People.

Caoimhe runs workshops and is hoping to further her involvement in education and outreach – for more information, see Education.

Caoimhe founded Lady Drawers, a drawing circle for women who love feminism and art. Lady Drawers meets weekly to draw together, using a variety of materials on a different theme each week – past themes include underwear, architecture, and Harry Potter. Caoimhe recognised a need for a non-competitive, dry activity for building female friendships and was inspired by Ladies Drawing Night, a book by New York artists Julia Rothman, Leah Goren and Rachael Cole.

Caoimhe loves letter writing because it combines her loves of creative writing, stationery, friendship and talking about herself. She has several penpals on the go and is a member of the Letter Writers Alliance.

Caoimhe hates long walks on the beach because of sand, wind, walking and jellyfish.

Twitter: @caoimhecreed

Instagram: caoimhe.creed