Boring Adult Life

Adulthood sneaks up on you. You turn around one day and think “Whoa! when did I start matching my socks before putting them away?” and “I should apply for my tax back!” etc. It’s not, however, the non-stop party you might imagine.

As those of you who are already grown-ups know, adulthood is basically one long laundry cycle until you die. You are constantly putting laundry on or drying it or ironing it or putting it away or putting on ANOTHER wash just to dry it, iron it and put it away and then the laundry basket is full again so you have to put another wash on, dry it… etc.

Sure, in the meantime you can eat a whole sleeve of crackers for dinner if you feel like it and nobody will reprimand you for watching 14 hours of Netflix of a weekend, but the freedom comes at a price.

Maybe I’m just in a rut but sometimes being an adult is very boring. For example, the following is an “anecdote” from this week. Hold on to your hats.

Where I live, we don’t buy bin tags, instead, we buy the branded bin bags and put them out when they’re full. The relevant company then collects them on a Tuesday morning.

Last Tuesday, we came home in the evening to see our bin bag still outside the house. That’s strange, I thought, usually it would have been collected by now. Upon closer inspection, I found that although the bag was green – the usual colour for our general waste bags – it actually said “dry recyclables only”. But we had used it as a general waste bag! So, that explained why it wasn’t collected, but why did they change the colour, to deliberately confuse us?

I left the bag there anyway and decided to worry about it later, it was gone the next day and so I assumed one of my housemates had brought it around the back. I planned to buy general waste bags and we could put out two bags next week. I had thought I had general waste bags in the house, but I figured I had miscounted them.

I went to our local Spar and asked for general waste bags, which are sold in an envelope with “General Waste” printed on the front. I was very careful to ensure it was the right envelope, I didn’t want to be caught out again.

Once I came home, I opened the envelope to find… green bags with “dry recyclables” printed on them! This explained why I had confused the last bag, someone was putting the recycling bags in the general waste envelopes! Madness.

There was a number printed on the bag, so I called up the bin company, wondering if I should return the envelope to Spar. After I explained what had happened, the man on the line told me that they had had a problem with their printing company who had printed the wrong labels on the wrong coloured bag, but not to worry, the bags would be collected as general waste. That explained the colour confusion and it turns out that last week’s bin actually was collected.

So, the moral of the story is… Sometimes my life is so boring I really have to drag these posts out if I want to make it every Wednesday.

Or maybe it’s always question everything, even bin bag labels.

Or it’s a sad commentary on domestic life in modern Dublin.

Or maybe I think this post should be closer to 600 words.

I need to get out more.



2 thoughts on “Boring Adult Life

  1. Yup. I can 100% relate. Adult life regularly throws up shit like this that seems so petty and stupid but takes a lot of pointless effort to get resolved. Why can’t the world just work properly.

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