Movie Pitches

Pitch 1: Justin Time 

Justin Timberlake has to go back in time to make sure that N*Sync break up so that he can go on to have his present stellar solo career. However, when he goes back he has so much fun with the band he remembers why he fell in love with music in the first place. He has to decide between success and friendship. Starring Justin Timberlake as himself and featuring new music from N*Sync and plenty of 90’s nostalgia. Most laughs in the film will be featured in the trailer, such as when Justin wakes up back in time and realises he has his old hair.

Pitch 2: The Author

Felicity Jones plays Joanne Rowling, a struggling single parent who spends her days in a local cafe writing a fantasy novel because it’s cheaper than heating her apartment. Her manuscript is rejected again and again but the audience knows she will go on to become the most successful author of all time. Opening credits feature panning shots of the present-day Elephant Cafe toilets which are covered in Harry Potter graffiti and trailer features Felicity as Joanne whispering to her daughter one of Dumbledore’s most famous lines “happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” while turning on an actual light.

Pitch 3: Pokemon Go/Pokemon Stay

Indie flick starring Oscar Isaac as Joel, a sensitive introvert on the edge of a nervous breakdown who becomes obsessed with Pokemon Go. His family and friends are just happy he’s getting out of the house… until he starts to see Pokemon for real. They encourage him to see a therapist but instead he connects with one of the game’s designers, played by Melanie Laurent or possibly another thin French actress. Together they work out why the game means so much to Joel, he comes out of his shell and they form a tentative relationship. Features lots of scarves and meeting on park benches as well as CGI Pokemon. Poster is Oscar looking wistful in a scarf with happy Pokemon around him.








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