Good Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love doing nothing. My ideal day would probably be drinking Coke and watching The Office, taking a nap in between episodes. It’s often a struggle to get out of bed, especially now that I’m unemployed. Sometimes you need a lazy day, but when a lazy day turns into a lazy week and that turns into a lazy month… you get the picture.

That picture is me, two stone heavier, no longer capable of communicating with humans and probably with a beard, somehow.

So, it’s good to get out and do things. I went out and did things yesterday and it was just lovely. It started off with laying out a scavenger hunt I had planned around Dublin for a friend of mine who had been feeling blue, because Caoimhe’s solution to feeling bad is rhyming clues in tiny envelopes.

The envelopes were TINY.

I had roped her friends into the plan so that she would have fake plans for the day and be free to follow the tiny envelopes around tourist and heritage sites in Dublin. Unfortunately, she was sick the day before the hunt and so we thought we would have to reschedule – meaning I hadn’t needed to stay up until 2am writing rhyming clues… though what else would I have been doing?

Fortunately, she was feeling better the next day and the hunt was on. At the time I wasn’t that excited to get up early and was sort of wishing the plague on her… but I’m glad it went ahead. So, I had to run around Dublin, leaving the tiny clues, trying to get them all done before she realised her friend’s “existential fashion crisis” was a stalling technique. I really underestimated how fast I could get from place to place, as well as how much explaining would be required to people in shops and museums where I wanted to hide the envelopes. It’s not that weird!

Despite the time constraint, it was a lovely run around Dublin. The weather was nice and it added a sense of drama to the whole thing, I was under pressure as much as the Seeker. Really, if anyone is planning to organise a scavenger hunt, I would recommend laying the clues out against the clock, it’s the high stakes you need to take it from fun to epic.

Once the clues were laid out, I went home to wait for them all to be found, which was probably as exciting as finding them. It took about as long as it had taken me to leave them, but it was worth the run.

Afterwards, we were planning to go to the Moth and listen to storytelling, after a very active day it was nice to sit and do something low-key. On the way there, we got doughnuts and because the shop was closing… we got two for one! I didn’t even realise until I was sitting down later and saw TWO DOUGHNUTS in the bag. Of all the things to make it worth getting up and going outside, a free doughnut may be the best.

The Moth was short on speakers and so, at the interval, they appealed for extra storytellers. I had spoken before and being a professional talker I thought I’d go for it, though I hadn’t prepared anything the theme was “9 to 5” and I have had jobs.

I decided to tell the story of the time I got held up and stabbed in the hand in a shop I was working in. The audience were in stitches. I hadn’t thought it was a particularly funny story, it’s one of the most traumatic events in my life (I have not had a very hard life) but I was glad it went down well. The judges gave me the highest score and I won the Story Slam, which was pretty great because I don’t win many things and I thought… Maybe I should get stabbed more often.

I don’t want to get stabbed more often, that was a crazy thought, but between running around Dublin, free doughnut and winning the Moth it was a great day. And as I was going to bed that night, I realised that you can’t have a great day if you stay in bed all day. You won’t have the best day ever, you won’t have an adventure, you probably won’t win anything and you definitely won’t get a free doughnut. So get up and get out there!

The next day I was like fuck you, Caoimhe, and I turned off my alarm.


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