Filling out job applications is weird.

They’re full of strange questions nobody would ever ask in polite society and it’s the only time an Irish person is comfortable bragging. If asked by a close personal friend, “what would you say are your main strengths?” I think I’d reply with a joke or refuse to answer, but if asked by a business, in print, I’m the champion of my own brilliance.

I hate giving examples. I understand the point of them, obviously. It would be tough to separate the professional wheat from the chaff with a sheet that looked like:

Are you a good worker?




Still, nothing feels sillier than describing a “scenario where you demonstrated excellent customer service” or whatever. As if there was a time that stands out in your mind, when a customer was so overwhelmed by your service that they named their first born after you.

What about an example of when you demonstrated excellent teamwork? When YOU demonstrated excellent TEAMwork. Was there a time when you carried the team on your shoulders? When you out-teamed the whole damn team?

I don’t know what would be a better system, but I know this is just silliness.

And yeah, I’m putting off doing it.


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