Everyone loves a good procrastination opportunity. However, it can be difficult to find the right activity that is time-consuming without being too productive (because then it would just be actual work). Next time you find yourself with a looming project or deadline, might I suggest you clean out your inbox?

Don’t just delete the emails but unsubscribe from the many mailing lists you were added to after buying one product from a site and forgetting to uncheck the box that said, “subscribe me to this mailing list!”.

Ironically, I was recently working on a digital marketing project very close to the deadline and was writing the e-mail marketing section when I decided to undertake this task.

I was checking my social media and emails obsessively, as one does when one has a more important task to work on. I was desperately hoping to receive an email that said, “Stop what you’re doing right now and do this instead! It’s super important, I swear!”

I didn’t, of course, but what I did receive was about forty different emails from voucher companies like Groupon and Living Social, all offering me meals for two and facials at very reasonable rates. My inbox also contained the latest trends from Asos, River Island, and Brown Thomas, newsletters from L’occitane, Vistaprint and Polabora and a respectable amount of updates from societies I joined 8 years ago in University.

It was time for a change. I painstakingly went through every email to find the unsubscribe button, many of which were hidden, and I removed myself from dozens of mailing lists. I no longer receive updates from Vistaprint but I think I can live with that.

My mailbox is now far less overwhelming and I would thoroughly recommend this activity to all. I believe it is the perfect combination of pointless and helpful to be considered procrastination.





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