Coffee: a revision

Do I love coffee or do I love hot baristas? I would say it’s a fairly even split.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about coffee, called “the coffee lifestyle”. This was written from the perspective of a non-coffee drinker.

In my defence, I hadn’t known at the time that coffee could be delicious. I was wasting my time on chain coffee shops and instant coffee, saturating them with chocolate and syrups and cream. I hadn’t thought of coffee as a beverage in itself, merely as a vessel for caffeine and sugar. Now I know better.

In that post I had suggested that drinking coffee was a mark of adulthood. that carrying the takeaway cup of coffee was your way of saying “get out of my way, world! I’m very busy and important and need caffeine to get me through my life of non-stop business and pleasure”.

I was wrong.

I drink coffee daily now. I had hoped that the coffee cup would give me that corporate fox look. Chic handbag, neat hair, trotting in in my trainers to change into heels when I get in. The coffee would be the final accessory to my Employed Babe persona, making me look like a Proper Grown-Up With a Job. Not so much.

Rather, I now see my fellow coffee drinkers for what they are, desperate caffeine vampires, clutching the cardboard cup of the elixir that helps us get through the day.

It’s not just the caffeine, though, and it’s not just the taste. There is something about buying a coffee on the way in to work that makes me feel set up for the day. It’s probably a waste of money but it’s part of my morning ritual.

It helps if the barista is easy on the eyes. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but there are a lot of coffee-making hotties around Dublin. Part of the attraction may indeed be that they provide me with coffee, but there is no more delightful image in the morning than a pretty boy with a latte. I like a tall man with straight teeth who knows his way around an espresso machine.

It’s nice to have a little eye-candy when your coffee is sugar free.


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