When people visit Dublin castle they are often disappointed to find that there is no actual castle here on the site. One of my guilty pleasures is when someone asks

“Where is the castle?”

and I get to look at them blankly and say

“It burnt down in 1684”


After the fire, they didn’t build another castle because CASTLES SUCK. They are cold and uncomfortable and rubbish. Instead, they built a palace. The beautiful rooms have been constantly updated, instead of frozen in time and left to go mouldy. We have electricity, heating and wifi now but people complain because there are no turrets.

There is no castle because NOBODY WANTED A CASTLE. They probably burned the thing down on purpose.

So sometimes it will seem like something is a disappointment, but it could just be making way for something even better.

I get attached to ideas. I know what I want, and if I don’t get exactly that, it’s hard for me to focus on anything else. Just as people come in expecting a castle, and no matter how fascinating my tour may be (very), they will still leave comments on trip advisor saying “this barley (sic) qualifies as a castle”.

I probably need to be more flexible. Not everything is going to be exactly what I expect, because you can’t make things go according to your plan.

But sometimes maybe when I don’t get a castle, I’ll get a palace instead.

Yes, that is better.

Or so I am trying to convince myself.


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