The Coffee Lifestyle Part 2 – An Insider

As a coffee lover I have a few issues with my blogging colleague’s view of us coffee drinkers.

First let’s look at the title. Coffee Lifestyle? Us shaky, buzzy lot who are ‘in the know’ will appreciate that mostly our coffee consumption suggests nothing except that we DON’T have a life and very rarely have a chance to live it in style. So I’m afraid the ‘lifestyle’ part is a myth my dear blartner (blog partner.. just trying it out. It doesn’t work does it?).

Secondly yes, we might have stuff to do.  But the coffee isn’t often a product of our lives being full, more a way of saying to our bodies its time to get on with that one thing we really need to be doing.

Me: Oh well, I might pop into Pret and get a coffee, that will be nice. Bonus if it helps me get this *insert tedious task* finished.

Coffee: HI THERE

Me: Oh you smell lovely. I wonder if paperchase is ope-


And that is an accurate description of how I get anything done. Ever.  Coffee doesn’t fuel my fulfilled life, bursting with activities and purpose. Coffee is an antidote to my natural procrastinatory tendencies.

P.S. I will admit; when I am a ‘shit-together’ grown up I will meet people for leisurely lattes, calm cappuccinos and chats over a sunny, al fresco table.  It seems that the myth of stylish coffee consumption is a resilient one.

P.P.S.  Today I was sitting in the sun outside the library scooping cappuccino foam out of my cup with my finger… and absent-mindedly applied it to my nose and lip rather than mouth.  Coffee lifestyle is DEFINITELY a myth.



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