The Coffee Lifestyle

I have always thought of coffee in the same way I thought of sushi, that one day somebody decided it was trendy, and since then anybody with their shit together has pretended to like it, until eventually, they did like it. Or at least, didn’t hate it. An “acquired taste” as they say.

And I tried damn hard to acquire it. (I’ll have a mocha, if anyone’s asking)

But I must remember that a mocha is essentially hot chocolate with coffee in it. Just because it is more “grown-up”, does not, in fact, make it healthier. In my head, hot chocolate is a calorific treat but mocha is a coffee, and coffee is practical.

To me, those people who “can’t function” without their morning coffee have achieved Proper Adult Status. Their lives are SO FULL that they need caffeine to get started on all the important business stuff they have to do. And a part of me wants to be just like them.

If you have the coffee, the rich, busy coffee lifestyle will follow.

But my “weak, extra chocolatey” mochas aren’t fooling anyone.



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