Things to do with your arts degree #2: Rolling papers!

Whether you’re getting high in a friend’s shoebox apartment or looking trendy outside a café with a cigarette and an espresso, a rollie is a must-have accessory for any overeducated, underpaid hipster. So why not use your degree as rolling paper? It’s more creative than straight-up burning it.

You picked it up in university (your parents don’t know) and you’re still young enough to think “cancer shmancer, I’m going to live forever!”. Sure, you can no longer afford the habit, but what else have you got to show for your years of education, if not a nicotine addiction?

And it’s something to do, isn’t it? For a few blissful moments, you have a purpose. You’re going to smoke that cigarette. Then, when it’s done, you will have achieved something you set out to do. That’s not just a nicotine buzz, it’s laced with the rare buzz of achievement.




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