Low on Money; High on Time?

Today, having far too much time and not enough money on my hands, I decided to sell some clothes.  This seemed like a fabulous waste of an afternoon that had the added bonus of some possible income.

Except ASOS Marketplace insist that the picture you upload of your clothes must have someone IN said clothes.


But the sun was shining (ASOS kindly suggest that lots of natural light is a bonus, although if I had my way all my photos would have been dingy and artfully blurred) and I was bored.  What followed was a cringeworthy twenty minutes of photographing myself, headless of course, in various old T-Shirts and jeans.

Most likely no-one will be tempted by my cast-offs.  But now I’m done squeezing into my own wardrobe rejects – sorry, Vintage gems – I’m left wondering how in the hell people can put on clothes for a living.  Oh wait, they are beautiful specimens paid millions for their trouble; thats how.

A bonus to the whole enterprise was writing the small blurb describing the clothes I was selling.  I mean that’s practically professional writing yes?

Close enough.




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